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James Horne created the concept of RodsOnRivers, shortly after he started GunsOnPegs in 2007, with the same premise that the website would be a free to use impartial service, for both members and fishery owners. The rapid growth of GunsOnPegs, which is now the UK’s largest online shooting community, has meant that the launch of RodsOnRivers was delayed until February 2012. However the experience that was gained has provided the opportunity to use the valuable knowledge gained from GunsOnPegs for the immediate benefit of RodsOnRivers .  

As an indication of how the company is developing RodsOnRivers now forms part of an umbrella holdings company called the ITap Group, which also includes GunsOnPegs, GunDealer. We are also currently considering other areas to expand into, with the same formula that has worked so well for GunsOnPegs. 

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James Horne - CEO

James is a serial entrepreneur having started up many businesses over the last three decades. He is an experienced marketer having spent time in the oil industry travelling widely, developing various retail concepts. He then moved onto the food industry where he, with his wife Alison, developed the extremely successful CCL Foods plc and its brands such as PizzaExpress, Simply Delicious and Peppadew.
Having been a keen shooting and fishing person for many years, James took over his first shoot near Newmarket. It was through this shoot that he met the founding members of eBay and this led to the idea of a version of eBay for shooting, so GunsOnPegs was born.

Favourite Fishing location – the River Test - “A day out fishing with my father on the Test is as good as it gets!”

Chris Horne – Development Director

Chris graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2007 with a degree in Business & Economics and went on to work for a fund management company in the West End of London.

Having been brought up in the countryside he always had a passion for country sports and started shooting from a young age. Chirs was involved with the business from the start, where his already complex range of day to day responsibilities grew into a full time job quite quickly!

Favourite Fishing location – the River Rother - "Where I learnt to fish. Such great memories with my Grandfather."


Paddy MacMullen

Paddy graduated from the University of Leeds in 2011 with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Politics. Since graduating Paddy has had a long spell as an underkeeper on one of Scotland’s most prestigious grouse moors, as well as having a 6 month stint in recruitment before joining in March 2013.

Paddy, from a young age, was rarely seen without a gun or a rod in his hand – he has a real passion for the shooting and fishing industry, especially in the management, maintenance and protection of the British countryside.   

Favourite Fishing location – Owenmore River, Co. Mayo, Ireland. ‘Nothing beats spending all day with friends and family on the lovely Owenmore that cuts through the rolling hills of Mayo – then back to the lodge, along a 2 mile impassable drive to crash out in front of the turf fire with a large whiskey sour and freshly smoked salmon’. 


Edd Morrison
Edd graduated from the University of Northumbria in 2013 with a degree in Estate Management and has since worked in Property Development before joining GunsOnPegs in March. Edd is a true countryman who has been brought up in the heart of North Yorkshire, he is extremely passionate about everything to do with the countryside and is rarely seen without a gun or rod in hand.

Favourite Fishing Location – South Ana Maria, Cuba –“ Nothing in the world can come close to standing on the front of a skiff casting at Tarpon in turquoise translucent water, stripping the fly past a tarpon that turns, takes and jumps it’s the biggest rush I have ever experienced.”

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