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Uploading Photos

Uploading photos is an integral part of creating an eye catching and successful location that will bring anglers onto your site and increase the number of enquiries you will receive. Photos can only be added or changed once you have completed steps 1 - 4 in the upload process of a location. You can upload up to 5 photos by clicking on Sell Fishing My Locations > Edit > Pictures, once there click Choose File and then upload your photo where ever you have saved it.

Photo's must be 512kb or less, if your photos are too large it is possible to compress them to fit. If you have a PC and Microsoft Office Picture Manager this can be acheived easily.

Choose the photo you wish to compress and click on it with the right mouse button - go to Open With and then choose Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Once opened click Edit Picture which will bring up your photo with some option on the right hand side, at the bottom of the option click 'Compress Pictures'

Now you will see some more options in place of those you have just left, click Documents and then Ok at the bottom.

Your photo has now been compressed and  you must now save it in a place where you can upload it and then upload it from the 'Edit' section under 'My Locations'.

If your photo is still too large you will need to shrink the photo. This can be done in Microsoft Office again under Edit Pictures; however click Resize and then Percentage Of Original Width x Height, adjust the size accordingly in the box box below.

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