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Your Location Description

To sell your fishing effectively it is important to complete your profile to a high standard. You should include in your description as much relevant information as you can and would expect a fisherman to look for when searching. These may include some or all of the following:

• Prices – including variations for age, species and time of year

• Catch and Release details

• Ghillie/guide services available

• Your seasons for various species

• Topography/river description

• Accessibility to the river and local amenities (buses, shops, trains, petrol stations, accommodation etc)

• Good quality photos of your fishery and catches

• A river map in the photo section detailing the fishery location, and the extent of the beats and pools

If you have several beats that you let separately, we advise that you set up separate profiles for each of these. This will allow you to maintain an accurate catch and availability diary for each location and improve the chances of your fishery being seen on RodsOnRivers and therefore in turn improve your inquiries.
The more information added the higher your profile score is and in turn the higher up the search list you become.

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