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Proud to Support the Atlantic Salmon Trust's 2013 Auction

January 30th, 2013 by Zoe Olsberg 0 comments

We are delighted to offer our support to the Atlantic Salmon Trust's 2013 auction, which is simply the best range of lots they have ever offered in more than 25 years of auctions! To register for the biggest and most varied fly fishing auction in the world, please follow this link. If you have bid in previous auctions, you do not have to re-register once again as your email and password are still current.


International Lots

There are some wonderful fly fishing lots in Norway, Russia, Canada and Ireland, as well as opportunities to fish in places not usually available to the public in the UK.

There are also some deer stalking and prime driven shooting lots as well as books and a miscellaneous section.

The wonderful thing about buying a lot from the AST auction is that your money goes directly to pay for priorities in their work plan, which you will find on the AST website. Supporters who prefer not to use the internet can still take part, call the number below and they will post you a catalogue. You can then contact them with your bid(s) and they will do your bidding for you.

Contact The Atlantic Salmon Trust:

Tel: 01738 472032




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