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What do you drive on your fishing trips?

August 16th, 2012 0 comments

After seeing the Audi A4 allroad in action in the snow in Derbyshire, we quickly dispelled the myth that a larger 4x4 was a must in fieldsports and big enough to get your rods in the back. 

Audi have relaunched the A4 allroad and it looks great. Not only did it perform well on that white winter's day, it is an all round car. It's practical, it is fuel efficient and don't forget, it has that Le Mans winning diesel engine under the bonnet so it doesn't hang about either.

Audi have come to us to promote the abilities of the allroad to you, those that really put cars to the test. As a result, they would like you to see for yourselves by taking it for a free test drive and giving them your verdict. We believe that this season, there will be many converts from the more traditional option.

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