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Bargain on the River Sunnudalsa in Iceland

March 19th, 2015 by Edd Morrison 0 comments

We have a fantastic offer to fish one of Icelands hidden gems with extensive fishing for 4 rods. The price of the week (below) includes the Lodge which sleeps 8 people in 3 twin and 1 Double en-suite rooms, the fishing for 4 rods on the Sunnudalsa River which is 25kms of stunning crystal clear Icelandic fly water and a private Toyota Landcruiser V8 to get around.

The lodge is self catering but has a modern kitchen and an outside BBQ. There is no wifi but we have very strong 3G signal at the lodge and throughout most of the river. The lodge has a Hot Tub and Sauna to ease into after a hard days fishing!

The reports are that the snow has not been as heavy as last year which is great news. This is our 5th year on the river and we had really strong parr counts that first year and a very good run of fish (190 fish caught in 6wks) so we should start to see the benefits of our catch and release policy that we introduced. Regarding killing fish, I expect all MSW fish to be returned responsibly to the river, but we do allow a couple of Grilse(pref cock fish) to be taken for the table during the week.

We would expect a team of 4 rods catch anywhere up to 50 fish per week with fish up to 20lbs(although their are some bigger if you can land them!) Fishing is done with single handed rods 6-8wt and floating lines. Skated flies and hitched tubes can be very effective. Their are around 100 pools on the river notwithstanding glides, pots and margins so plenty to go at! The entire river is accessible now by a track which was completed last year.

The weeks run from Sat Midday until Sat Midday.

The weeks available are:

Wk 1 July 11th-18th - £9,000 

Wk 2 July 18th-25th - £11,500

Wk 5 Aug 8th-15th - £11,500

Deposit(50%) will be taken on booking and the rest by May 1st.

The Salmon

We are delighted to say that the river has performed very well over the last few years with an average of 120 Salmon and Grilse caught each year in the short 6 week season. We practice a catch and release policy however there is nothing like a fresh wild salmon so we allow you to take a couple of Grilse in the week for the table, please try and take the Cock grilse if you can and mark in the Fishing record if killed. 

Lower Beat

This is wonderful fishing  and comprises of all the Pools below the bridge. This is usually best fished first thing in the morning or last thing at night. The fish are usually running fish with Sea-Lice and are full of beans! Below the bridge is a great spot and above Pool 5 is another cracking spot! We have tried to correlate a time between high tide and them hitting our pools but have so far failed in really making that a science! It is strange but the river is much smaller on the lower beats than the Upper beat, this is because the gravel absorbs the water so keep back from the banks or they will see you! The best Char section is down here, they usually turn up around late August so experiment. They prefer ‘Trouty’ Water so fish the running water with teams of nymphs and ‘skated’ dry flies. Our river stops where the river meets the Hofsa river. The lowest sections have historically been best for Char.

Middle Beat

This is much more easy going beat, it starts at the Bridge and goes up stream as far as the Foss(Pools 10-20 on map although again these are only the marked pools!)  The Foss Pool is a ‘Duffers Pool’ and although it is usually stuffed with fish, we only allow each rod to fish this once in the week, the reason is that the fish are about to run the falls which are quite a force and they need as much energy as they can get before shooting it. The other reason is that this is a good way of ‘showing the enemy’ to the fish! They can see you in this pool so keep low when looking down at the pool and will be harder to catch further up river! You will see access routes to the Pools on the map via car and most pools are very accessible. This is usually where fresh run fish will rest up first before moving up to the Foss and beyond!

Upper Beat

This is the most wonderful fishing and goes from above the Foss to the end of the track. There are Salmon all the way to the top of the river to where the track ends. You will see a post saying( 1) which marks the top pool on the river(that we have seen fish in!). The Pools are usually deep, very fast and very cold, so we advise fisherman to be careful of wading and trying to clamber round to pools. There are some pools that are unfishable and some that are impossible to land fish in! But alas there are plenty of other pools to fish! We suggest that this section is not fished solo, fish with a partner and keep within sight of each other for safety reasons. Radios are provided at the lodge which fisherman can use for the week. 

Find out more here. 

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