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Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers Fishing Report

May 1st, 2012 0 comments


Enough, already! Despite national drought warnings, there has been no shortage of rain in the Wye catchment, with the river level being well over the normal range on several occasions during the last two weeks. As a consequence the river has been discoloured for days on end, which of course tends to have a negative effect on anglers. This has been reflected in a drop in visits by members, which is a pity really, as the Wye rarely fails to produce even when conditions look hopeless.
Look out for quiet spots and back eddies out of the main flow and fish the water close to the bank before wading and you will find fish. You might have to go deep with something like a Dove Bug, as did Chris Pryor recently in Duffers - he was rewarded with a rainbow of three and a half pounds. Don Stazicker has also been searching the depths and has found a traditional Size 16  Pheasant Tail Nymph as effective as anything. The Dove Bug is a John Roberts pattern, the original tying of which is as follows:
! Hook: Size 12
! Thread: Brown
! Underbody: Copper or lead wire
! Body: Seal’s fur substitute;
! rear half orange & pink; front
! half orange & brown
! Rib: Fine gold tinsel
Needless to say, I can’t help messing about with the dressing and my variation involves a body with a rear half of DRF Fire Orange seal’s fur, with perhaps a gold tungsten bead thrown in for good measure. Tied like this it
certainly gets down and gets theirn attention! Another reason to be cheerful is that showery/ blustery conditions often produce the best hatches of upwings. Stephen tells me that there have been good showings of Large Dark Olives and Medium Olives for those who braved the weather, although Iron Blues & Olive Uprights have yet to put in an appearance.
The early caddis are starting to appear but it is usually May before they get on the water in numbers sufficient to interest the trout. Unfortunately we don’t get the blizzard hatches of Grannom sometimes seen on the Derwent (although not, I think, this year). Brachycentrus Subnubilus prefers the middle reaches of rivers and although you might see the odd one down towards Ashford, it never seems to get going on our water. 
Whilst fishing in North Yorkshire the weekend before last, the Erstwhile Head Keeper and I took the opportunity to visit Richard Horne at his home in Richmond. One of our Honorary Members and a Past President of the Club, Richard sadly cannot get about much nowadays but still takes a keen interest in the goings on at Cressbrook & Litton. He was in fine form and sends his best wishes to you all. 
Members fishing up in Chee Dale in the next week or two may come across some interlopers, courtesy of our upstream neighbours. They stocked their water the other day, only to have the river come up in a raging brown tsunami immediately after the fish had gone in. It has to be said that following the pollution incident pre-season, they haven’t had the best of starts this year.
These fish can be identified by a blue dot on their bellies. It’s an ill wind etc.
Best regards,
New Bridge
Friday 27th April 2012

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