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Fieldsports Britain: Luck of the Irish: Simply Red's salmon, grouse and stag the O'Nab

October 1st, 2013 by Fieldsports Britain 0 comments

View the full program - Luck of the Irish: Simply Red's salmon, grouse and stag

Our very own James Horne has fished with Chris De Margary owner of the fabulous Glenmore Estate in Donegal, a paradise for salmon, a haven for deer and - if your as lucky as an Irishman - you might find a grouse. Chris reckons that with the help of the Baronscourt Estate across the border in Co Tyrone, he can achieve a 'Macnab' - all three in a day. Since this is Ireland, let's call it an O'Nab. He has twelve-and-a-half hours of daylight, low water, bright sunshine and a lot of birds, animals and fish that are refusing to come out and play.

That's not all. Roy Lupton is showing how to turn your dead roebuck into a gleaming white head to hang on your wall, there's a lad catching a fish with his hair, a man shark-fishing from a kayak, a gang of Hallo Charlies from the USA and the UK, EdgunUSA is here, and the map that matters, Calendar, offers all the news of the season and what to do this weekend.

For more about the River Finn, the Reelan and the shooting at Glenmore Estate, visit
For more about the River Mourne and the sika stalking at Baronscourt Estate, visit

View the full program - Fieldsports Britain Luck of the Irish: Simply Red's salmon, grouse and stag

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