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Fishing fly-tying master Megan Boyd's story told in film

June 26th, 2013 by BBC 0 comments

A new documentary casts a light on the life and work of Megan Boyd who gained a reputation as one of the world's best makers of fishing flies.The way in which the film Kiss the Water came about is almost as intriguing as the woman herself.

US director Eric Steel, who had never been to Scotland or fly-fished, found himself drawn to both while reading an obituary in the New York Times in December 2001. Steel, who at the time had been a producer on films such as Angela's Ashes, Bringing Out the Dead and Shaft, became fascinated by the story of an English-born woman who, from a tin-roofed shed in the Highlands, created delicate fishing flies from fur and feathers.

Megan Boyd's flies were sought after by anglers in the UK and America and used by Prince Charles, a regular visitor to Sutherland, where she lived most of her life in a small cottage at Kintradwell, near Brora. Continue reading the main story

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