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Fishing Through The Floods - Did You?

February 4th, 2014 by James Horne, CEO of RodsOnRivers 0 comments

You probably think I’ve gone bonkers as whilst much of the South East was flooded, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit Penshurst Trout fishery where I’ve just joined their syndicate on one of the few fine days we have recently enjoyed.

I met up with Peter whom I had recently met on a trip to the South Esk where he very expertly showed us how to catch a salmon in very little water. Peter’s local knowledge is extensive and we fished together around the 2 lakes in the morning, but with little joy. I was also accompanied by my very able 9 year old assistant, Megan who has yet to come fishing on a day that I have drawn a blank, so the omen was looking good.

Close to the lakes is a superb visitor centre with a marvellous restaurant and gift shop, so after a good lunch that provided us with a further shot of energy and enthusiasm, we attacked the murky water after seeing some evidence of movement from some healthy sized fish. Nothing appeared to be working and my assistant was becoming despondent and threatening to go for a cup of tea, when I suggested we try a Montana as a last ditch effort. Needless to say after a few casts we landed a Rainbow weighing just under 3lbs. Great joy and elation was expressed by us both as we realised that we had something for dinner. We look forward to many return visits this year.  

By James Horne, CEO of RodsOnRivers  

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