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Huge Spring Salmon from the River Lyon

May 19th, 2015 by Iain Wood 0 comments

Tom Buchanan fishing the South Chesthill beat on the River Lyon has caught what is believed to be the biggest fly caught salmon so far this season at 35 pounds. Tom is the longest tenant on South Chesthill Estate having fished there since 1972.

Tom was fishing the Rock Pool and casting and fishing a short line.  As he slowly lengthened the line cast by cast once he had the full length out as it came across the current there was a mighty explosion from the fish taking my fly.

Tom asked his wife to get the camera out of his pocket as he knew from experience that this was a big fish.

Tom played the fish hard knowing that if the fish managed to get into one of the deep holes in the river then there was a great chance that the fish may be lost.  He also quickly realised that the net would be of no use to him due to the size of the fish so he played the fish and eventually banked the fish only to discover that the fly was just holding on to the fish in the front of the mouth.

Tom measured his prize with my rod from the fork of his tail and marked the length of my rod with tape. He didn’t get the girth because Tom wanted to get him back quickly.

It  took just over 5 minutes to revive the fish and then when he was ready he swam away with full power.

Tom’s leviathan fell to a fly of Tom’s own tying a 2 1/2” monkey, tied on a Yuri Shumakov 1/2″ brass tube.

Click here for more details on the fishing on South Chesthill Estate 

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