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Iceland is on Fire!

July 29th, 2015 by Iain Wood 0 comments

Iceland is on fire

The salmon season is now in fully up and running and this season is showing signs of being a classic.


Iceland had a very cold and very snowy winter followed by a cold spring and the continued cooler weather whilst not being ideal for the anglers is certainly very conducive to the fish.


The Federation of Icelandic River Owners report the total catch since the first rivers is now over 12,000 compared to a 5 year average of just over 10,600 fish. This is far better than the average figure over the past 10 years of 10,642 fish.


It is apparent that  the western rivers and those in the Hunathing region have a considerable head of fish in them and the Nordura in particular has had some red letter days.


The northern and eastern rivers have reported much smaller catches which is not surprising at this time.  However, the Blanda had bucked this trend and has already produced over 2,000 which given the number of rods fishing, 12, must put the Blanda at the forefront of fish caught per rod.  Last week, anglers were catching 17 salmon per rod per day on the legendary Laxá in Ásum river! Apart from the Blanda a fair few other rivers have already surpassed last year's catch totals and these include amongst others, Midfjardara, West Ranga and Langa.


It is an encouraging sign that the fishing has improved so markedly and it is to be hoped that this season will be one of the best in recent times.


Amongst the catches of grilse and summer salmon there have been some significant large fish to report amongst which are fish of 20lb and 25lb  from Laxa in Adaldal, a fish of over 25lbs from the Vididalsa and numerous other rivers have recorded fish circa the 20lb mark.


The running totals for the top 75 rivers can be found here.

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