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If Ruled The World

July 24th, 2012 by The Field 0 comments

As Chairman of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF), if Orri Vigfússon were king, he would make all the changes necessary to ensure the fish stocks around the globe not only survive but prosper.

If I ruled the world it would be the answer to a long-term campaigner's dream. I'm a practical man so I would not demand too much. But, at a stroke, I would be able to make the changes I believe the world must accept if fish stocks around the globe are to survive.
My ideas need not cost taxpayers a penny. Everything could be achieved through what I call "green capitalism". The goal is the elimin-ation of waste and a sustainable allocation of scarce resources. My friend, Bill McDonough, often talks about "saving the world through commerce". He says human endeavour is the only force big enough and fast enough to get done all the things that need to be done. I agree wholeheartedly. So, in my role as a benevolent dictator, this principle would be applied to the management of fisheries in all the oceans.......Read More

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