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It’s not all Doom and Gloom...

May 19th, 2015 by Iain Wood 0 comments

There has been much written of late about the very poor salmon fishing season so far in 2015 but of late, with the exception of a few rivers, there has been an upturn in the numbers being caught and in amongst them some red letter days.

On the Tay in particular catches have risen significantly with a recent rise in water levels, last week alone there were significant catches up and down the river with Dunkeld House Fishings  catching 23 with a fantastic single day when 11 fish were caught.

There have been many fish caught over the magical 20lb mark on most rivers from the Tyne in Northumbria to the Ness system in the North of Scotland.

Indeed there have been a fair few fish caught near or over the 30lb mark in addition to that caught by Tom Buchanan. There was a 29lb fish caught on the Spey on the Grantown Association water, fish over 30lb caught on the Tay at Dunkeld House and at Findynate.

So we suggest shaking the dust of the rods and getting out on the water, there may well be a fish of a lifetime waiting for you but there is no chance of creating a fishing memory sitting at home!

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