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Last minute prime Dee salmon Fishing

April 19th, 2016 by Iain Wood 0 comments

We have this morning been advised that the following prime Dee spring fishing has become available

One rod on 16th – 18th May at Ballogie at a cost of £140 per rod/day, ideally to be taken as three days but individual days would be considered.

Details of the beat below, interested parties should email asap.

Five year average catch at 301 salmon/grilse and 50 sea trout
2.4 miles right bank fishing with 25 named pools
Maximum rods 4
1 shared ghillie, 5 huts

Consistently best beat on the River Dee fish/rod basis.

Ballogie is the middle of the three Ballogie Estate beats. Above lies Carlogie and below Commonty, all on the right bank of the river. Like Carlogie, Ballogie is attractively located in forest and farmland. Ballogie caters for all tastes, from streamy pools at the Upper, Middle and Lower Gannets, Flats and Kelpie, to the deeper waters of the Sand, Slips, Boat and Potarch Bridge pools. The latter is close to the Potarch hut, a popular lunchtime meeting place with wood burning stove capable of boiling water and heating snacks. Potarch Hotel is also an extremely popular rendezvous for fishermen.

Fishing is from the right (south) bank of the River Dee from Boat of Kincardine to Burn of Cattie, fishing two rods above Potarch Bridge and two rods below. Ballogie is divided into four beats fished in rotation which gives a rich variety and varied challenge. There is vehicle access at the top of the beat, car parking at Potarch Hotel and a footpath along the whole length of the beat. Vehicles can gain access to middle to bottom beats and car park. Four of the five huts have heating and The Gannets hut has toilet facilities. The two main huts are attractively located and families will enjoy the secluded picturesque location with the diversity of flora and fauna.

Wading can be easy, not necessary, or with some caution depending on river heights. It is classic fly water with good movement and easy access to all pools. There is a shared ghillie included in the price of the beat from 1st February to the last week of June.

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