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Last Minute Rods Available in Scotland

May 20th, 2015 by Iain Wood 0 comments

One rod - River Naver 14th – 21st June 2015

One rod to join an established party. Fully catered (ex drinks)  accommodation in Syre Lodge.  Cost for the Fishing and the Lodge £2,840 plus gratuities.

Please email for more information here.


Three rods - Monaltrie on River Dee – 18th to 20th June 2015

This fishing is only being offered for the 2015 season due to work commitments of the usual tenants so this gives anglers a one-off opportunity to enjoy one of the best summer beats on the Dee.

The Monaltrie fishings on the River Dee consist of some three miles of prime fishing on the left bank of the river at Ballater. There are twenty-four named pools offering a great variety of fishing whatever the conditions - high or low water.

The fishings are divided into three one-rod beats rotating daily at 5pm. Recent catches have been good and have shown substantial growth over the last few years.

You will be greeted on arrival on the beat by a Ghillie There is a good hut for lunch as well as smaller huts on the beat. 

Cost for the 3 days for 3 rods is £990.

Please click here for more information 

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