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Latest Cressbrook & Litton Fly Fishers report

May 14th, 2012 0 comments


15 May 2012
The inclement weather continued into the second week in May, although the rain gradually eased off, leaving the river full but reasonably clear. Buxton Weather Station reported 204 mm of rain in April, compared with 13 mm last year and we’ve already had 48 mm so far this month. An easterly airstream kept temperatures in single figures but this didn’t deter the Olives, which put in an appearance most afternoons. Medium Olives and Olive Uprights are now on the menu and, if you are in the right place at the right time, so are the Iron Blues. They turned up in spades on Beat 8 for new member Rob Denny and his guest, Patrick Lloyd, fishing on the 6th. Fishing a small Parachute Adams, they enjoyed superb sport.
John Frazer has been persisting with the French Leader method in the high water and had good sport last Friday between Rock Face and Presidents, taking four 18” + rainbows on a Pink Shrimp. 
My own fishing has been rather fitful, my time on the river being distracted by Club business but I did spend a little while fishing up from the Lock Bridge on the 7th. It was a pleasure to be out in the fresh air, and to see this bright little clump of Marsh Marigolds at the water’s edge was a real bonus. Whilst I was on the water there was a reasonable hatch going on, Medium Olives or Olive Uprights, not sure which. Two fish were taking advantage of the duns  rapped in the back eddy in the lower part of Quaker Pool, rising very regularly but never in the same place, leading me to think they might be rainbows. It was tricky getting the fly to swim without drag but eventually the little CDC Humpy did for both of them - they turned out to be browns. Prior to this I’d been fishing up the edge of the run below Quaker, keeping out of the main flow, which was still pushing through at a hell of a pace. Out of nowhere I saw a brownie detach itself from the bottom, come up like a grayling and engulf my little Olive Klinkhamer. He was a very fit fish of about a pound and he was out in the main current and below me before I could react. I should have tried to get below him but I was in Chris Dore’s size 11 waders (having unaccountably left mine at home!) and felt distinctly wobbly, so I just bullied him back up the current until I had him to hand.
I haven’t seen many Hawthorns about, although there must have been some getting on the water. However, after three dry Springs it is possible that their numbers may have declined. The pattern for these boys is a size 14 or 16 Black CDC Hopper or you could try my Black CDC Bibio which was featured in last September’s Newsletter.
Over the next few weeks look out for the Agepetus Caddis - if you come across fish charging about taking something subsurface, it could be that this little fly is responsible. Stuart Croft’s ACE is the best pattern for the
emerger although a little dark F Fly (size 20)will also work very well. 
Stephen tells me that some absolutely enormous Mayfly nymphs have been turning up in his kick-samples, and in good numbers too. We should start to see some Mayfly activity towards the end of the month, with the best hatches during the first week of June, subject, of course, to the weather. I was having a look at my Mayfly boxes the other day and decided to undertake a severe cull of the myriad otiose patterns I’ve accumulated over the years. The Mayfly must be the most imitated fly in history with literally hundreds of patterns to choose and confuse. This is my shortlist:
• For the Emerger, Don Stazicker’s CDC Emerger
• For the Drake, either Richard Ward’s packaging foam bodied hackle pattern, (Grizzle and Yellow/Olive), or a Grey Wulff
• For the Spinner, Richard’s foam bodied pattern with the Grey Aero Dry wings and Badger hackle or Phil White’s One-up Mayfly Spinner 
If they don’t want these then tough titty!
I don’t fish the Mayfly nymph these days but that’s a personal choice. If you must, then John Pearson’s JP Mayfly Nymph is one of the best. 
Tight lines!
PS - Don’t forget to use the Virkon Spray on your waders etc, especially if you have been fishing other waters. The Killer Shrimp has now been discovered in the Norfolk Broads.
PPS Oliver Edwards‘ Upstream Nymphing Masterclass last Saturday was a great success, members being treated to Oliver’s full repertoire. The weather behaved, and although the trout hadn’t read the script and were a little reluctant to co-operate, everyone caught fish. I’m very grateful to Oliver for giving up his time and knowledge for us, and to John Glynn for acting as Oliver’s driver for the day.

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