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New available fishing on the River Tay

December 23rd, 2015 by Iain Wood 0 comments


Atholl Sporting are proud to represent some of the finest fishing available and
they have been appointed by the new management team at 
Delvine Burnbane fishings
on the Tay to assist with the marketing of the beat.


Delvine Burnbane Fishings

The beat is located on the middle river Tay at Caputh, between Kercock & Murthly.

 2 miles of left bank fishing and 1 ½ miles of right fishing bank.
Both bank and boat fishing available.

This beat has been lightly fished in the last few seasons and comes in with an average of around 120 salmon with a good mixture of fly water and spinning.

The new management team expect the catches on the beat to increase markedly.

Prices :

Bank fishing from £30 - £100 per rod/day

Boat fishing (2 anglers) £100 - £250 per boat/day

Beat Description
The beat commences 600 metres below Caputh bridge and is set in secluded countryside.  The right bank is tree lined and the left bank is in open farmland.

The owners are investing in a new fishing hut & toilet and also a new boat.  The banks are currently being opened up for easier access.

The fishings have until this coming season been let on a private arrangement with the owners for many years and lightly fished, therefore the records do not show the full potential of the beat, which should be able to produce 250 plus salmon a season.

There are 12 named pools, Sparrowmuir Pool which is 530 yards long, Sparrowmuir, Sparrowmuir Stream, Burnbane Pool, Sandy Bay, Sycamore Tree, Burnbane, Corner Pool, Big Stone, Twin Trees, Salt Hole, Darroch Pool.

There is some classic, streamy fly water for fly fishing from the bank or if wading the tail of Sparrowmuir, Sparrowmuir stream, tail of Burnbane Pool, the Salt hole and Darroch pool.

From the boat fishing will nearly always be fly, spin or harl. Spinning from the bank will also be very productive.

There are two types of tickets available at Delvine Burnbane, a bank/wading ticket and a boat ticket.  The boat ticket includes a ghillie and fishing for two rods.
BANK - Fishing is from the bank only without a personal ghillie, unless previously arranged. However, a ghillie will be available at the start of the day to show you the best places to fish and offer advice on suitable flies, lines, lures etc.
BOAT - Fishing has to be booked for two people fishing in the same boat. If only one person wants to fish, he still has to pay for both rods to cover the cost of the ghillie and boat provided. For safety reasons we do not recommend that more than one person fly fishes from the boat at the same time.

For further details of availability and pricing please contact Iain Wood
on 07835 444717 or e-mail


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