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RodsOnRivers Find Fishing Page Goes Live

February 3rd, 2012 0 comments

Welcome to RodsOnRivers, we are extremely excited to announce that after months of hard work, both the Sell and Find Fishing pages are now live for the beginning of what we all hope will be a cracking season! We have an ever growing list of great and varied fishing locations throughout the UK and abroad so keep an eye out as new fisheries upload their available rods.

The buy side is completely free to use as it is for fishery owners to upload their fishing; however it is only possible to contact a fishery by registering as a member. Once registered it is possible to send an enquiry via the Contact Fishery link on the fishery's profile.

If you've enjoyed using our site you can also visit us on Facebook by clicking here or alternatively follow us on Twitter by clicking here.

RodsOnRivers is always looking for new and varied locations to be uploaded and welcome new members looking to buy fishing, so if you know of anyone interested please spread the word.

We have endeavoured to find a simple, quick and free way of finding your next fishing trip, please let us know if you are having problems or have any suggestions on how to improve our site, you can get in touch either by ringing  0207 491 1363   or emailing We are constantly looking to improve the service we provide so any suggestions are very welcome.



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