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RodsOnRivers, How it Came About...

September 11th, 2011 by RodsOnRivers 1 comments

An interview with RodsOnRivers Managing Director, James Horne.

Where did the concept come from?
The concept of RodsOnRivers was born shortly after we started GunsOnPegs in 2007. The rapid growth of GunsOnPegs took us rather by surprise, so RodsOnRivers has spent rather longer than we would have wished in the gestation process. Also, we discovered when we thoroughly researched the fishing market from a technical point of view, the selling process is rather more complicated than the sales of shooting.

Why now?
A. We starting implementing our pre-conceived ideas in early June 2011 when we felt that we were in a strong enough position to invest in the resources required for another project. We believe GunsOnPegs has substantially benefitted the shooting community and I felt we could equally benefit the fishing community with the same “free to use” concept.

Are you a fishing man yourself?
Yes! There aren’t many country sports that I don’t enjoy getting involved in, but I have to say I don’t get to fish as much as my Dad! Even though he’s in his 80’s, he’s often out on the rivers of West Sussex and the South of England, both Chris and I love going out with him as he’s grown even more competitive over the years! The same applies to when we’re shooting too!

What is your favourite type of fishing and where is your favourite place to fish?
As a small child I started fishing with whatever I had to hand, which was often a broken rod tip, some weak rotten line and a miniature hook with a worm on the end catching little Sticklebacks, Bullheads and Minnows with the odd small and unlucky Brown Trout. Being brought up in an old watermill was bound to create a love for water!
These days I take a preference to a bit of dry fly fishing for Brown Trout on the classic clear water chalk streams that England uniquely offers. My favourite however, although not a chalk stream, has to be the River Rother due to the memories of fishing with my Father.I do however have ambitions to go further afield and catch some monster salmon in Russia, Norway and Iceland.

Are the concepts of GunsOnPegs and RodsOnRivers similar?
Yes, I think they are almost identical. GunsOnPegs was born out of a need. I had vacancies on my shoot and I needed to fill them. Enabling all Shoots to advertise for free has been the key to our success and we have found many shoot owners also have fishing to sell. Not surprisingly the demand for RodsOnRivers from GunsOnPegs shoot owners encouraged us to get on with the website development. From a technical point of view with regards to availability, they are very different. Many fisheries are likely to have availability at any one time where as shoots have only a few specific dates. This has required a large amount of careful development which we have really enjoyed.

Will you always be free for fisheries to use?
Yes and the same applies on GunsOnPegs. For individuals / owners of fishing we will always be free to use. We do charge sporting agents for the use of the GunsOnPegs website as it seems unreasonable for us to market their availability for nothing. The same principal will apply on RodsOnRivers.

Do you see much crossover in Members / Subscribers using both websites?
Yes, we believe there could be a significant number of people that both fish and shoot. What is interesting is that no one can answer this question as no surveys or statistics exist, so we will look forward to being able to answer this question in the coming years.

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On 22-08-2012, Peter Grove commented...
A great idea - I look forward to seeing the site grow...

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