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RodsOnRivers sell fishing page goes live!

September 14th, 2011 0 comments

Welcome to RodsOnRivers sell fishing site, a huge amount of development work has gone into this over the last four months to ensure we are able to accommodate for a large variety of fisheries allowing the comprehensive management of your fishery profile.

We believe we have accomplished this; however we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have as we are always looking to improve and develop our site to ensure your fishery is being represented as well as possible.

RodsOnRivers is a multi functional site that allows you simply and quickly to add and edit your fishery details. You quickly update your catch data, availability, upload photos and any profile can create as many locations as they wish. This of course all being FREE!

The site is currently only launched to fishery owners to upload their fishing and wont launch to the general public until we have enough content, and therefore please upload your fishery as soon as possible so we can help you sell vacant rods for next year, it help buy those Christmas pressies. We also simply can’t stress the huge benefits to uploading your fishery early and reaping the benefits of being one of few rivers rather than trying to stand out in a crowd.

If you require any further assistance then please refer to our Useful Tips page (link) or see if we can answer your query in the FAQ's (link). If neither of these answer your question via the website then feel free to give us a call 0207 491 1363.

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