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Norwegian bars of silver...

July 27th, 2015 by Victor Abbott 0 comments


After returning from a fantastic week on the River Stjordal at Kerjva Lodge near Trondheim, we look at the highs and lows of the group who took the week.


I have been taking groups of fisherman to this part of the river Stjordal for a number of years now and this year we were not short of action with everyone landing very decent sized Salmon with the weeks average size fish at 17lbs.


The conditions were poor all week with a lot of rain falling throughout the week meaning water levels were very high indeed, never the less we started on a very wet Sunday with high hopes going into the weeks sport.


Our team were generally using 1.5inch tubes for the week and they did prove effective. On Sunday evening after thinking conditions would not provide us with the opportunity of a Salmon that day, Dave Tweedie landed a fish of around 18lbs and one of the other Rods Danny Taylor got into a very large fish which he played for around 15 minutes before it came off and disappeared back into the cold Nordic water that runs so effortlessly down the Stjordal, he will be back to fight another day...


Monday the conditions looked great and with the forecast to get worst we thought this could be the day to get really stuck into some good salmon, but by dinner the Salmon had got the best of us with no one of the team landing a fish for the day.


The first big Salmon was taken by Danny in the Count Pool on the Tuesday, a stunning silver 22.5lb cock fish that fought tremendously well and left Danny with a smile no one could wipe off his face and seeing the fish first hand I am not surprised!


Dave Tweedie managed to fill his boots with two fish of 14.5lbs and 16.5lbs during the day and lost another decent fish. We thought that finally it was coming together when the Lodge owner nipped down to the river to flick a fly and on his sixth cast hooked into a very big fish over 20lbs. After 20 minutes of playing it the salmon ended up getting the better of him another big fish lost...


On Thursday the river conditions looked good again and by midday Paul Shutler had a stunning silver hen fish of 16lbs, covered in sea lice. Then the rain started and didn’t stop, the river rose quickly and Largue managed to catch a lovely grilse of 3.5lbs that looked like a bar of silver.


The river had dropped off a bit by Friday morning and Largue had a fish of over 20lbs at about 2.30pm after lunch. Largue had lost a bigger fish in the morning estimated to be up to the 30lb mark and he had it on for nearly half an hour... On Saturday morning the sun was out, Largue and Danny both lost decent fish from the top pool and as always the week came to an end with four very happy fisherman catching their flight back to the UK with stories of the fish the caught and the ones that got away... Until next year, when they will return once again to fish the glorious Stjordal!


Vic may have the opportunity of another week or two at Kerjva Lodge for next year, it does fill up quickly due to very good prices, but please do contact Vic Abbott here  to enquire about the fishing and to make bookings for next season. Vic also has fishing at another lodge on the same river (Stjordal) which is very good water but a bit more expensive. 


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