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"Test"ing Grayling - James' Blog

November 19th, 2012 by James Horne 0 comments

A trip down to Orvis to hear all about their plans for 2013, the launch of the new Helios 2 rod and to do a spot of fishing with it on the River Test is a much valued invitation.

Meeting at their offices, at mid-morning, for a guided tour alongside a highly influential group of fishing media personalities, was a new experience for me being a relative newcomer to the business end of the world of fly fishing. What a fine group they were too!
Amongst many items, we learnt about the launch of the Orvis Helios 2, available in the New Year, described as “a featherlight war club that defies the laws of physics” which we could try later. It was also fascinating to be given a full understanding on why the Silver Sonic waders are so good, I will now be replacing my waders, that I discovered to my dismay to be leaking later on in the day.
Off to Kimbridge and the Ginger Beer beat, given its name from the bubbles created by the fall of water through the bridge, we were blessed with the most beautiful November day. On arrival the air wafted with the mouth-watering smell of a barbecue being prepared alongside the most fabulous thatched fishing lodge, recently erected in memory of Michael Edwards, CEO of Orvis. There was no need to eat inside today, as sitting on the bench in warm sun beside the river Test was bliss.
After a fine lunch we selected some new tackle including a new Orvis Helios 2 rod and worked our way down the river. It was quite a daunting experience being amongst some fine fisherman that put my abilities to shame, however, oh what fun it was to use a rod that made casting so easy and precise. It almost made me look quite competent!
There were fish rising in several areas up and down the beat and I was delighted to land a very modest Grayling. Meanwhile considerable success was being had by many in the pool, by the bridge, renowned for good stocks of Grayling.
As the sun went down we ended a marvellous day’s fishing. It was good to meet faces from Trout & Salmon, Trout Fisherman, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, Tackle & Gun magazines and the Fly Fishing forum. Many thanks to Richard Banbury of Orvis for a great day.

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