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The Fishhunter Sonar App - Fisherman's friend or foe?

March 4th, 2014 0 comments

FishHunter is a portable fishfinding sonar designed for both novice and serious fishermen and women. It floats on the water and, thanks to its sonar transducer, tracks fish 30-40 meters below the surface.  Information about depth, temperature and the size of the fish is sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone located up to 25 metres away.

Does this app take the fun out of fishing?

The sonar device works in conjunction with the Fishfinder app, which helps you plan and manage your fishing life. It acts as a logbook for recording catch information, tracks weather conditions and Moon cycles for fishing trips, includes maps and stores locations of previous catches.

FishHunter costs £107.30 and is available now from FishHunter. The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones. 

Have you used it? What did you think? Let us know via the comments option below or via contact us.

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