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The Land of Fire and Ice - and Ice Age Monsters

May 19th, 2015 by Iain Wood 0 comments

Lake Thingvellir is the second biggest lake in Iceland and reaches depths of more than 110m

It is also home to the biggest brown trout found in Iceland and perhaps the world, fish that are believed to have come up this way 10.000 years ago as a sea trout and to have been landlocked at the end of the last ice age. This species is often referred to as Ice age brown trout and it can grow to incredible size. 

The population of the trout has increased steadily in the past few years, thanks to ongoing support from the Icelandic Government.

Thingvellir is becoming known as the lake containing monster trout or trophy trout in Iceland.

There is every change that if you are fishing in this lake that you will catch the largest fish of your life.

Brown trout up to 17.5 kg – that’s an incredible 38lbs!! -  have been caught in the lake in the past few years and we have heard rumours that there are even bigger fish. This is backed up with reports of smashed tippets and rods when one of these monsters takes off only to be lost after a series of  heart stopping and searing runs.

Fishing in Lake Thingvellir last year was very good with a few fish around 15 kg being caught. And it has started in 2015 in a similar vein.

There have already been catches of trout in excess of 8kg – 19lbs – and there is every reason to expect that once again there will be several fish over 15kg caught this season.

Whilst it is possible to fish without the services of a guide we strongly suggest using one.  Thingvellir is a big lake and without local detailed knowledge you wouldn’t get the best from a trip.

For further details contact Atholl Sporting 

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