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The Passport Scheme

December 14th, 2011 0 comments


Availability: In the availability calender for our Token/Roaming Beats R = Roaming Beats: indicates a 'Roving Passport' beat, which is a token fishery and part of the Westcountry Rivers Trust's Angling Passport scheme. We recommend that one angler fishes one beat at a time but separate parties can fish a single beat by mutual agreement.  Each angler must pay the full token price as listed.  Normal etiquette should be observed and the first angler present has priority. Roaming beats are those with no designated rod availability and are part of the passport token system. A token cost £2.50.

An Angling Passport scheme - add value to farm streams and ponds.What is the Angling Passport Scheme?

Angling Passport schemes open up new waters bringing the joy of the river and fishing to more people than ever before. They enable enterprising fishermen to explore some of the most beautiful and least fished pieces of water we have, and all for only a few pounds.

Westcountry Angling Passport

The Angling Passport provides two easy ways to go fishing for salmon, sea trout, brown trout, grayling and coarse fish:

Token Fishery Scheme which provides flexible access to many miles of wild uncharted waters
Booking Office Fishery which you can reserve fishing on more established main river beats

The Passport initiative was started as a result of the Trust discovering a considerable undeveloped fishing resource on many farms and properties within Cornwall and Devon.  By facilitating the sustainable development of this resource, the Trust aims to provide farmers and landowners with an economic incentive to protect and enhance the rivers, streams and lakes of the Westcountry.

The Passport is not-for-profit and this means the money anglers pay to go fishing goes straight back to the fishery owners and then the Trust in turn helps the owners invest their revenue back into the fishery.  In effect, simply by going fishing on the Passport waters, anglers are in fact helping to protect and improve the Westcountry’s fisheries.

This angling initiative, which was the first of its kind in the UK, was originally launched as the Angling 2000 project and since then has been developed with the support of numerous landowners, anglers and agencies. 

Westcountry Angling Passport

Please let us know what you think works and what doesn’t so we can continue to enhance the angling on offer.

When you set up a scheme through the Rivers Trusts, or buy tickets to go fishing, you know that the benefit will be going straight back into improving the river.

Please click here to visit the Westcountry Rivers Trust to find out more.




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