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Have Your Say: The Fishing & Shooting Census 2014!

June 23rd, 2014 0 comments


Be part of the Fishing & Shooting Census 2014! 


Thank you to the 4,000 Members that took part in the Game Fishing & Shooting Census 2013.


We are now undertaking a follow-up census for 2014 to establish a greater understanding of shooting and fishing, and we would greatly appreciate your input.


Complete The Shooting & Fishing Census 2014                                                                                                 (Open to all)


Complete The Fishery Owwners Census 2014                                                                                                (Fishery owners only)


Last year’s census revealed important information about the behaviour and outlooks of guns, rods and owners. It was ground-breaking for the sport and helped to highlight where game shoot owners and fishery owners are missing crucial specifics about their prospective clients’ needs. These results have provided the basis of our presentation to the House of Commons this month regarding the future of our sport. You can view the full results of the 2013 census at end of the survey.


All individual responses and personal information will remain confidential.



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