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Trout Fishing in New Zealand

May 5th, 2016 by Iain Wood 0 comments

Naturally Stunning, Stunningly Natural

A fantastic new fishery has joined the growing ranks of fisheries partnering with

 DARK SKY fishery is based on South Island in New Zealand in the Mackenzie Country and sits inside the Aoraki/Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve.


Guests fish over a wide area that includes not only brown and rainbow trout but salmon also, the fishing provides world class dry fly fishing and rugged upstream nymphing. This is big country!

Your guide will ensure your experience is second to none and all of this happens within walking distance from DARK SKY.



The fishery is so vast that polaris, 4wd, jet boat and helicopter are all used depending on the experience you desire. Whatever your decision, we want you to get out there and fish as hard as you can in what is the beating heart of New Zealand and the centre of an International Dark Sky Reserve.


Minimum booking is for two rods with a maximum of five and the fishery is primarily a catch and release fishery.


Atholl Sporting is proud to represent STRAVON in the UK and to be able to offer exclusive access to this majestic fishery. It is however worth pointing out that in New Zealand there is no such thing as 'private water'.


Long may it remain so.





Guests arrive at STRAVON. Transfers to and from Timaru are complimentary.

Bio-security induction takes place. Guests will meet the guides and get up to speed with what lies ahead.

 Much merriment follows in Shackleton’s - our in-house bar at Headquarters.



After breakfast, our guests depart STRAVON for DARK SKY. Transfer is either by car or helicopter.

We encourage our guests to travel by helicopter as the flight is truly awe-inspiring.

Transfer by helicopter takes 40 minutes leaving 20 minutes to fly over New Zealand’s highest peaks, glaciers and terrain. Transfer by car is included in the rod day rate. Your guides will be waiting for you when you arrive.

From this point on you may fish at any time.



 Fish, explore & discover DARK SKY. All day and night.




Morning fish.

Depart after Lunch.



House wine & beer is complimentary with premium consumables available from THE CELLAR DOOR. Guests will be able to view and pre-order from this list upon booking with us.


Please feel free to contact us by emailing for further information

Tight Lines. We look forward to seeing you bankside.

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