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West Sutherland Fisheries Trust Fund Raising Auction

October 29th, 2014 by Tony Rawlings 0 comments

The West Sutherland Fisheries Trust is holding an auction to raise funds for it's work in protecting the salmon, sea trout and trout  of the West Sutherland area of Scotland. The auction ends on the 27th of November and there are a wide variety of lots from small gifts ideal for Christmas like whisky to a week in a fishing lodge for 18. In between are lots for fishing, fishing equipment, stalking, food and art works the highlight of which is a bronze sculpture by renowned artist Hamish Mackie.

The WSFT is a charity working to monitor protect and enhance fish stocks in our region. We rely on charitable donations and the money raised from the auction of the donated lots will go towards improving fish stocks in this beautiful part of Scotland. This is an ideal opportunity to grab great deal on fishing or a Christmas present bargain whilst supporting a worthy cause.

The auction is online and the link can be found on our website, click here to have a look, make a bid and see what we do.


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