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Winner announced for the 2 rods on the Itchen!

June 20th, 2012 0 comments

We would like to thank all those member who referred a friend to be entered into this competition which has enabled RodsOnRivers to reach well over 2000 members, making it officially the fastest growing fishing website in the UK. We have a wide variety of fishing opportunities available for all budgets, just take a look.

The Itchen is not only a great Trout fishing river but the lower reaches also offer the opportunity to go for the king of fish and catch yourselves some salmon. This part of the Itchen has consistently produced good numbers of salmon catches since it's conception in 1954, 2010 broke all records with a huge catch of 267.To read more about the Lower Itchen Fishery or to contact the owner please click here.

We are delighted to announce the lucky winner of 2 rods to fish for salmon on one of the world's most prolific and infamous chalk streams, the River Itchen, and the winner is ...... Christopher Jones (London).



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