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Fly Fishing on the River Test

March 18th, 2015 by Edd Morrison 3 comments

The Timsbury Fishery is made up of four individual beats providing fishing for up to two rods per beat per day over a mile and a half of both the Test and two carrier streams.

The River Test is regarded as one of the finest chalk streams in the UK and is famous for its trout and grayling fishing. The middle reaches, where these beats are located, are renowned for high quality trout fishing and are generally regarded as the Mecca of dry fly fishing. The chalk water, combined with the careful management of the river’s weed beds, creates ideal conditions for brown trout.

The fishing is predominantly for brown trout using upstream dry fly or nymph. Salmon have been caught on the fishery, but are required to be returned. The fishery is stocked annually with Brown Trout and there are no bag limits enforced. However members are asked to use their discretion.

The fishery is surrounded by around 100 acres of private water meadows and has a fishing lodge that is equipped with power, water, a small kitchen area, WC, washing facilities and a large patio/picnic area that overlooks the River. There are three other fisherman's huts located around the fishery, each with picnic tables.

Local amenities can be found in the village of Timsbury, 13 miles from Winchester, which lies next to the River Test between Romsey and Stockbridge.

Available Rods

Sunday 10th May 2015 - 1 Rod (Beat 4)

Sunday 24th May 2015 - 1 Rod (Beat 1)

Sunday 5th July 2015 - 1 Rod (Beat 4)

Sunday 30th August - 1 rod (Beat 4) 


These Sunday 'Day Passes' are limited so please contact Edd Morrison to avoid disappointment.


If the link does not work please email: 


Comments (3)

On 04-02-2014, tim holton commented...
clicked on edd link but not working
On 04-02-2014, Roger Keepax commented...
R.K Ditto. Does not work !!!!!
On 20-03-2015, christopher ellerington commented...
CE Likewise. This is not the first time people have tried edd link and not being able to get connected.

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