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Find fishing at Emerald Streams with Rods on Rivers
River Blackwater (Kerry), Ireland
Salmon, Sea Trout, Wild Brown Trout, Stocked Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
Find fishing at West Haugh and Dunfallandy Beats on River Tummel Pitlochry with Rods on Rivers
River Tummel , Perthshire, Scotland
Find fishing at Cefnllysgwynne with Rods on Rivers
River Irfon , Powys, Wales
Salmon, Grayling, Wild Brown Trout
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Featured Fishery

Find fishing at Bishopstone Meadow with Rods on Rivers

Bishopstone Meadow

Flyfishing for Wild Brown Trout on this perfect Wiltshire Chalkstream - Bishopstone Meadow is a private family owned beat that is open for a strictly limited number of days rods. Only 10 minutes from central Salisbury but a world away !

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New Locations

Cefnllysgwynne - Rods on Rivers


River Irfon < River Wye: The River Irfon runs for some 30 miles through wonderfully...
Orango island Guinea Bissau - Rods on Rivers

Orango island Guinea Bissau

  The Fishing:     The variety...

Upper Oykel River

Oykell: Fishing starts here during May and finishes at the end of...