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ROR Privacy Policy

RodsOnRivers holds the privacy of its members and customers information in extremely high regard and will never disclose their information to third parties without their express permission.

What personal information is collected?

We will only collect information that is required for the efficient and customer friendly use of RodsOnRivers; this may require submitting contact information such as names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Contact information is only requested when uploading advertising or customers wishing to contact advertisers.

How will RodsOnRivers use any information you provide?

On contacting an advertiser your information is passed to that advertiser so that they may reply to the enquiry.

Contact information is also used by our staff to aid customers in their enjoyment of the website, be those members or advertisers.

Do we send SPAM emails?

No! We don’t SPAM those that register with us, all information is given freely by customers and are given the option to receive or not, any fishing offers or special offers from our sponsors.

Does RodsOnRivers use Cookies?

Our website uses cookies to help identify new or returning visitors and to keep track of preferences when searching for events and venues. We also use cookies so that registered users can opt to have their details automatically entered when logging in to our site.

Can I opt out of special offer emails?

Yes, customers can opt out of receiving offers at any point by clicking My Account and un-ticking the special offers box, customers may also edit their personnel information here.

Alternatively please contact us to have any information removed or to simply get some advice.

Will this personal information ever be used for any other purpose?

The only time we would ever use your personal information for any other reason is to aid the proper authorities in finding anything fraudulent or illegal.

Will RodsOnRivers ever sell on your information onto third parties?

Absolutely not, we will under no circumstance sell on your information to third parties.


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