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How to Get Featured

  We are able to offer special packages to feature your fishery on the homepage. This is an excellent way to reach your potential customers as soon as they reach the site.   If you are interested in this option,...
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Uploading Photos

Uploading photos is an integral part of creating an eye catching and successful location that will bring anglers onto your site and increase the number of enquiries you will receive. Photos can only be added or changed once you have completed steps 1...
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How to improve your location

We have added a profile score feature which gives each of your entries on RodsOnRivers a score out of 100. We have done this as we have proven that fisheries with more information and greater detail are more likely to receive an enquiry, the higher...
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This important section is designed to help you get the best out of your fishery. Each location is scored out of 100 and your score depends on the content of your profile. As well as ensuring a high quality advert that will encourage fishermen to...
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Your Location Description

To sell your fishing effectively it is important to complete your profile to a high standard. You should include in your description as much relevant information as you can and would expect a fisherman to look for when searching. These may include...
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Availability Diary

It is incredibly important that you keep your available rods up to date and remove vacancies when they’re sold, as promptly as possible. This will give your fishery credibility for those browsing the site, if your catch data is kept up to date...
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Catch Data

You have two options with this, firstly you can input the last few years catch data and update on an annual basis, the second being you can enter in previous years catches and leave the most recent year blank so that you can fill it in as the season...
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Advertising Accomodation

If you have accommodation with your fishing, you can advertise on RodsOnRivers for only £200 per annum. This will ensure that you feature on our fisheries map which will allow people to view your accommodation when searching for fishing. You will...
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