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Keep up the good website.
J.P.H, Member, 16/04/2014
Keep up the good work.
A.C , Member, 28/03/2014
The web site is fantastic as it is, keep up good work!
P.G., Member, 26/11/2012
Excellent website!
R. C., Member, 25/06/2012
Well, having just logged on I've found just what I wanted. I want to catch my first salmon. Now I'm going to give it a go!
H.B., Member, 12/06/2012
RodsOnRivers is a superb resource for anyone looking to broaden their fishing horizons - in my case I'd lived overseas for 8 years and moved back to the UK hoping to secure a rod this summer. I posted a couple of enquiries and promptly received a number of excellent chalk stream 'rod' and 'half rod' options in the South to slake my thirst - getting to the right people would have taken many months not so long ago - thank you RodsOnRivers, highly recommended!
Jason Ash, Member, 14/02/2012
The site is extremely easy to use and follow, and as you said in your original email, took no longer than 10 minutes to complete!
Jonathan Russell, Fishery Owner, 05/10/2011
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